3 Winners of 2 Major Modern Art Awards During the Modern Art Week in Paris

Video: FIAC 2007 [Paris International Contemporary Art Fair] opening

As usual, two major French modern art awards: Duchamp Award and the Ricard Company Foundation Award were dedicated during the October "Modern Art Week" in Paris when lots of modern art fairs and events are taking a place.

The seventh Duchamp Award designed by modern art collectors association, ADIAF (Association for Intl. Distribution of French Art), in partnership with the Pompidou Center and the FIAC, has been dedicated to Tatiana Trouvé, born on 1968 in Italy and living in Paris (represented by Galerie Almine Rech).

The awards include 35,000 euros, publication of a catalog by the Pompidou Center and privilege to expose her works for two months in L'Espace 315 in the Beaubourg on Spring 2008.

The Ricard Company Foundation Award is dedicated by a collectors panel to two artists from Marseille, Christophe Berdaguer (born on 1968) and Mary Péjus (born on 1969) (represented by Galerie Martine Aboucaya) for their installation Dreamland / Disappear Here (2007).

Purchased for 15,000 euros, it will be offered to the Pompidou Center, which will exhibit this sculpture in its permanent collection. Until November 17, 2007, this piece will be exposed at the Foundation Ricard, 12, rue Boissy d'Anglas as part of the exhibition "Drift" (designed by Mathieu Mercier).

FIAC You, 46 years ago in Paris

Claudia Cardinale and late Jean-Claude Brialy in the movie The Lions Are Loose [Les lions sont lâchés, 1961] directed by Henri Verneuil

FIAC 2007 Opened Last Night at the Cour Carée of the Louvre Museum

A day before nationwide strikes, the Paris International Contemporary Art Fair, 34th FIAC opened with the Minister of Culture of the right-wing Sarkozy's government, Madame Christine Albanel (picture above)....

and works by artist from all over the world...

Nicolas Sarkozy by Martin Le Chevallier presented by Maisonneuve gallery

The FIAC 2007 exposing galleries at the COUR CARRÉE DU LOUVRE are:
Martine Aboucaya Paris • Aidan Moscou • Aliceday Bruxelles • Annex14 Bern • Art : concept Paris • Atelier Cardenas Bellanger Paris • Anne Barrault Paris • Isabella Bortolozzi Berlin • ChemouldPrescott Road Mumbai • ColletPark Paris • John Connelly Presents New York • Cortex Athletico Bordeaux • Cosmic Paris • Dvir Tel-Aviv • Frank Elbaz Paris • F A Projects Londres • Dominique Fiat Paris • Enrico Fornello Prato • Foxy Production New York • Galerie de Multiples Paris • Gb agency Paris • Frédéric Giroux Paris • Laurent Godin Paris • Marat Guelman Moscou • Alain Gutharc Paris • Eva Hober Paris • Hollybush Gardens Londres • I-20 Gallery New York • Galerie Grita Insam Vienne • In SITU Fabienne Leclerc Paris • Juliette Jongma Amsterdam • Jousse Entreprise Paris • Iris Kadel Karlsruhe • KBK Mexico • Johann König Berlin • Nicolas Krupp Bâle • La B.A.N.K Paris • La Blanchisserie Boulogne-Billancourt • Layr Wuestenhagen Contemporary Vienne • Florence Loewy Paris • Loevenbruck Paris • Lumen Travo Amsterdam • Maisonneuve Paris • Martinethibaultdelachâtre Paris • Kamel Mennour Paris • Francesca Minini Milan • Gabrielle Maubrie Paris • Motive Amsterdam • Nature Morte/Bose Pacia New Delhi/ New York • NoguerasBlanchard Barcelone • Nosbaum & Reding Luxembourg • Parker’s Box New York • Polaris Paris • ProjectSD Barcelone • Raster Varsovie • Almine Rech Paris • Michel Rein Paris • Re:voir / The Film Gallery Paris • Ronmandos Amsterdam • Schleicher+Lange Paris • Shanghart Shanghai • Nils Staerk Copenhague • Diana Stigter Amsterdam • T293 Naples • Suzanne Tarasiève Paris • The Breeder Athènes • Aline Vidal Paris • Nadja Vilenne Liège • Nicola Von Senger Zürich • Max Wigram Londres • Jocelyn Wolff Paris • Hiromi Yoshii Tokyo • Zero Milan • Zinger Presents Amsterdam • Martin van Zomeren Amsterdam
FIAC 2007 : OCTOBER 18th – OCTOBER 22th 2007

Absolutely Fabulous Paris Fashion Week Frenzy

The highest priest of French fashion TV shows from Canal + , Mademoiselle Agnès (L) and moi(R)

Entrance to the Petit Palais today, before the runway presentation by Requiem

The Fashion (same as Aquagym, for instance), seems to be an exclusive woman's religion : you should see today those worried and deadly-serious faces of young anorexic fashionistas, freelance fashion journalists and frantic garment buyers in love with their jobs, before the runway presentation by Requiem (a label by Raffaele Boriello and Julien Desselle) !
Are they gonna manage, after an hour of waiting and all that humiliation from the security guards, to finally enter the temple of the immortal frivolity and bubble consumerism ?
I was amused like being on an Absolutely Fabulous set and curious about the outcome like an atheist in a crowed of the fanatical believers.
Watch a part of an Absolutely Fabulous episode below, you will LOL :/
"You have a class of young strong men and women, and they want to give their lives to something.
Advertising has these people chasing cars and clothes they don't need.
Generations have been working in jobs they hate, just so they can buy what they don't really need.
We have to show these men and women freedom by enslaving them, and show their courage by frightening them." Chuck Palahniuk , FIGHT CLUB