John Giorno in Almine Rech Gallery

John Giorno - LIFE IS A KILLER

Pour son exposition à la galerie Almine Rech, John Giorno a choisi de présenter un ensemble de dessins inédits ainsi que plusieurs peintures dont l’une d’elles, We Gave A Party For the Gods fut récemment montrée au Centre Georges Pompidou dans l’exposition "Traces du sacré".

L’exposition sera également composée de deux vidéos Welcoming The Flowers et Down Comes The Rain dans lesquelles le poète-performeur se met en scène.

From January, 10 2009 till March 7, 2009 at Galerie Almine Rech, 19 rue de Saintonge, 75003 Paris - France

'Dans la nuit, des images' [Images in the night]

From December 18 to 31, 2008 the exhibition “Dans la nuit, des images” (Images in the night) at the Grand Palais in Paris, France, presents a panorama of European audiovisual and multimedia creation.

Around 130 artists exhibit videos, movies, photos. Among them: Bill Viola, Michael Snow, William Kentridge, Charles Sandison, Anri Sala, Robert Wilson, Nam Juin Paik, William Klein, Chris Marker, Rosemary Trockel, Christian Marclay, Ryoji Ikeda, Liu, Fortuné, Grasso, legendary animators Hannah and Barbera (creators of The Flintstones and The Jetsons), the world's oldest working filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira, who just turned 100 etc.

Dans la nuit, des images” includes some 140 works, representing 10 years of contemporary creation from the 27 European Union member states and numerous other countries.

“A selection of iconic works using light projection - photographs, films, videos, digital imagery and interactive installations from plasma screens to giant projections - will document the technological innovations that have become part of artistic creation over the past ten years.” (press release).

The works are projected onto the floor and walls, on screens and onto the huge glass roof and facade of the Grand Palais.“Dans la nuit, des images” is staged by the Ministry of Culture and Communication in partnership with Le Fresnoy - National Studio for Contemporary Arts.

Dans la nuit, des images“, Grand Palais, Paris / France. December 19, 2008. Video by Christophe Ecoffet.

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