The author of The Information Age on Network Society

Long (58 min) but very interesting talk of sociologist Manuel Castells on identity and social change in the network society. Taped eight years ago, but not outdated at all.

Josh Cohen on future of Google News

"So much on what is online today is still a legacy of the production of the paper", says Josh Cohen, Business Product Manager for Google News, recently called a "digital vampire", by Leslie Hinton - Wall Street Journal (Rupert Murdoch’s) publisher and Dow Jones CEO.

In the moment when the new generation of news, Twitter Journalism bursts onto the scene, he talks about the strategy of Google News for the coming year [4:30 min video Who are you, Josh Cohen? produced by French online mag Mediapart]

"Just Landed" Twitter Visualization

Just Landed - 61 Hours from blprnt

Fascinating twitter visualization. It's scanning tweetfeeds for the phrase "Just landed in..." or "Just arrived in..." and tracks the location the Tweet was sent from.

The user's original location is found from their profile and an airplane flight path pops up on the 3D map of the world.

Looks pretty clear in which country people are using the twitter the most : USA is on the 1st place, Europe comes after. Might be useful for the News companies.