New Hotel by Lacroix: Hôtel le Bellechasse

Upside: Ultra cool artsy ambiance. Finally a new Parisian hot-spot de luxe which is not designed with 90's minimalistic codes or by smothered "Plastic-Surgeon-From-16ème" flat decoration mold. Lacroix is here so over the top that you might find yourself searching for a White Rabbit after visiting the third room of the hotel.

Downside: Some rooms are so small. Lack of daylight. Does an old-fashioned bathtub in the middle of the tiny room with a low ceiling represent the playful imagination of the couturier or it's just prosaic result of space lacking? Read more at:

Hôtel le Bellechasse

Opening date: July 25, 2007

Watch the Video of the Hotel Bellechasse with the coments in French

by VG


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I thought you might be interested knowing that Le Bellechasse also has a blog:

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