US NOW, Ivo Gormley's docu on eDemocracy is in full online now

Thousands of people tuned in on May 12, 2009 to watch the film Us Now and view the launch events’ panel discussions in London and Harvard coordinated by FutureGov and the British Council.

Us Now is a one hour film project about the power of mass collaboration, government and the internet. It tells the stories of online networks that are challenging the existing notion of hierarchy. For the first time, it brings together the fore-most thinkers in the field of participative governance to describe the future of government.

Us Now takes a look at how this type of participation could transform the way that countries are governed. It tells the stories of the online networks whose radical self-organising structures threaten to change the fabric of government forever.

Contributors: Clay Shirky, Don Tapscott, Charles Leadbeater, William Heath, Martin Sticksl, Lee Bryant, Tom Steinberg, Ed Miliband, George Osborne, Saul Albert, Mikey Weinkove, Sunny Hundal, Sophia Parker, JP Rangaswami, Paul Miller, Becky Hogge, Matthew Taylor, MT Rainy, Giles Andrews, Paul Miller, Shane Kelly, Liam Daish

The film follows the fate of Ebbsfleet United, a football club owned and run by its fans;

Zopa, a bank in which everyone is the manager;

Couch Surfing, a vast online network whose members share their homes with strangers,, get recommendations and info from the 'net while you're out on the street, by doing what comes naturally: asking people, if you search for a mentor, or want to be a mentor

School Of Everything, helps teachers and learners find each other. If you search for a teacher, or want to be a teacher

Slice the Pie,help you to a piece of the music industry today. Get in touch Artists, Fans and Investors.

Ideal Government where you can say what you want from e-enabled government. Let's observe government first-hand.

The People Speak a campaign to engage young people on the global issues that will shape their future

Morecambe & Heysham Model Railway Club

Social Inovation Lab For Kent

Green Party Canada

The Point


Ethical hacker

Director: Ivo Gormley, May 2009
1 hour and 32 seconds, United Kingdom
License: CC - Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives

Us Now from Banyak Films on Vimeo.

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